Wednesday, 17 November 2021

New to Cycling?

New to Cycling?
Are you new to cycling or coming back after a break? Here is our small guide on how to make your ride easier and how to begin your cycling journey. 
Consistency is key:
When you have caught the cycling bug, you will be away and could easily cycle all day every day. If you are not used to frequent exercise, then remember to gently ease into and then you will be away. When starting out, allow your self-time to get used to riding a bike. Take two or three days off from riding a bike, depending on how long your rides are, because this will give your muscles time strengthen. 
It is better to increase your ride times each time rather than to ride more often in the first few months. Increasing the time of your bike ride allows your body to adjust, rest and recover and as a result will see you get fitter, faster, and prevent you from burning out.
Feel Comfortable:
Having properly padded clothing, such as cycling shorts is very important. Riding in normal shorts or joggers can leave you with a numb bum and nasty chafes! Wearing padded shorts can feel unusual to begin with, but it will have a great affect for you long term. You’ll be able to bike further and in total comfort. 
Have Plenty to Drink:
It is very easy to go on a bike ride for many hours and not realise you have not drunk anything. You will feel fine while riding, however when you finish you will be dehydrated and very likely to have a headache and will be tired. 
Nearly all bicycles will come with pre-drilled holes in the frame that allow you to attach a water bottle holder. These are typically found on the bike’s down tube and seat tube. When going on a long bike ride cyclists should be drinking around 21oz per hour. It is important to stay hydrated!
Choose the Right Bike for You:
If you are just starting out, you should try to have a suitable bike. Lightweight bikes with skinny tires, as they are designed to help you navigate paved bike paths and city streets.
To find the perfect bike size, stand over the top tube and shoot for about an inch of clearance between your body and the frame. If this does not make sense to you and need help, please do come into our hub, and just ask. 
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