Thursday, 3 February 2022

Must Haves for Your Cycling Rucksack

You never know what could happen when you're out on your bike, especially on a long bike ride. Putting a few essentials into a rucksack gives you the confidence and security knowing you can fix problems if they occur while cycling. 

Here are some of our teams must haves for their cycling rucksack. 

1.    Bike Pump: It is always handy to carry a lightweight bike pump on longer rides. Not just for a puncture, tyre pressure can also drop which can become uncomfortable on long bike rides. It is always easier to ride with fully inflated tyres.

2.    Multitool: A multitool is always handy gadget to have in a rucksack. It has everything you need to strip and re-build parts of a bike in one tool. 

3.    Wet Wipes: Cycling for a long time can be a messy time. From changing a tyre to sorting your chain having a wet wipe to hand is very useful! 

4.    Spare light: It is important to always have lights on your bike for cycling in the dark. However, it is also handy to have a spare set of lights in your bag as well, just in case the lights run out of battery halfway home. 

5.    Snacks and water: Having a boost of energy in your bag is just as important as a repair kit. Drinking plenty of water is very important to staying hydrated. 

6.    Bike lock: A bike lock is always helpful if you ever want to stop off somewhere and its important to be safe. 

7.    Tyre Levers: If you need to remove a tyre it is always handy to have a tyre lever nearby. puncture is a pain at the best of times – make your life easy on yourself.

8.    Spare tube and patch kit: An inner tube is always a good idea – they aren’t a large item to carry but can mean carrying on with your cycle or abandoning it altogether!