Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Cycling into 2022

Happy New Year from the Bicycle Hub! 

As we move into 2022, how many of your New Year’s resolution or goals is to get more active, fit or get on the bike more often? Do you have any idea how to start? Here are a few of our ideas on how you can get started…

1.    Explore your local area- Discovering little havens in your local area is a great way to get out and a about cycling with the whole family on a weekend. There's nothing better than wrapping up warm and heading out for a bike ride in the winter. Give it a go...
2.    Hire or buy a bike- There is no better way to become more active than cycling, which you can fit into your daily routine. If you are new to cycling why not hire a bike for the day to see how you get on or if you're ready to get going, take a look at our range of pre-loved bikes to help keep the costs down.
3.    Eat a balanced diet- We know that this is an obvious one, but if you are serious about becoming more active, you will need to make sure that your body is running on the right fuel. Make some simple swaps and instead of having a biscuit at 11am with your coffee have a banana and make sure you have a boosting snack like nuts to grab just before your cycle commute.

What's your New Year's resolution for 2022? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!